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October 3, 2017
By Matt1 SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
Matt1 SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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The American Dream, the ability to unify, and the freedom Americans share is what it patriotism is. Each American can achieve their own version of the American Dream—whether it be owning your own business or working in construction. The unity after catastrophic events such as 9/11 is what makes Americans patriotic. And the freedom we have make it possible for Americans to be so patriotic. 

The American Dream. A young man, my grandfather, immigrated from Poland during the 1950s looking for a better life. He bought a ticket to sail across the Atlantic ocean. Then, he saw the patina of the statue of liberty. He recalls crying as he first saw America. Years later, he owns his own successful business, Durovy Engineering, and a family he would do anything for. The American Dream motivates Americans to be the best they can be.

The ability to unify. 9/11/2001 is a day the world will never forget. On this day, America came together. The images of the fiery buildings smoke smoldering out of the gaping holes left by the planes, the building falling over, the silence. This made Americans feel their country is vulnerable. It brought many people to feel sympathy for all who were affected. Sympathy, compassion, and patriotism united Americans together—and on that day we bled the same blood. 

Freedom. The blast of fireworks going off on the Fourth of July is one of the greatest recognition of America's independence. It is a day where we celebrate our freedom. The family gets together to watch the barrage of fireworks on Poygan Lake. The freedom in this country is what makes Americans love it so much.

The American Dream, the ability to unify, and the freedom Americans share is patriotism. The American Dream is still alive today, and it brings positivity to Americans. The ability for us to unify when it matters is another patriotic trait. And finally, the freedom we all know and love makes us Americans as patriotic as we are.

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