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Double Cultural Beauty Standards

September 8, 2016
By thebookwrmgirl BRONZE, Major, Illinois
thebookwrmgirl BRONZE, Major, Illinois
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Your besties tell you you're beautiful, amazing, loved, that appearance and looks don't matter all that much compared with the great personality you have.

And yet, despite your friends' reassurances, you remain unconvinced, probably due to our culture which is quite obviously obsessed with physical looks and appearances constantly.

Us young people most especially are bombarded with how "hot" and "gorgeous," and "thin" or "fat" a celebrity is; who just got a plastic surgery, or lost or gained weight, and in the swirl of gossip revolving in magazines, on TV, through particular song lyrics, and in movies, its enough to allow any teenager to sink in depression about his or her own less-than-perfect looks.

If you ask my personal opinion about it, I say there's a double standard in certain aspects of our social culture today. Take a peek at the average girls' magazine: the first page announces so-and-so celebrity just lost weight, and is newly proclaimed as the hottest again; page two is going to have a self-esteem article about how looks don't matter all that much, and its okay to be "average" look or weight-wise; page three is going to have an advertisement or recipe about some delicious, ultra-fattening food.

How is it even possible to deal with the hypocrisy and problems that our culture smacks into our faces repeatedly? One way you could answer is to say ignore it. If it was that easy, we all could do that. But the emphasis, almost absolute, put on looks is anything but easy to ignore. Its everywhere you look basically-and just cannot be ignored.

I say we should form a revolution-on Teen Ink, in a community of supportive teenage members, to begin, perhaps-and all over the world, as best we can, by supporting persons for who they are, not for what they look like. Why should anyone care that much if a teenage girl isn't tall, or as skinny as a pole, and or isn't perfectly gorgeous? Why it is important that a guy possesses buffy muscles, perfect hair, and hot looks to get a girlfriend? Isn't a person more than the appearance, the physical surface, of him or herself? 

Yes, looks are important to a certain extent. Its good to have personal hygiene, a personal sense of style, and, if needed, makeup or improvement products so your self-confidence is existent. But by no means is an obsession and constant worrying about your self's personal looks, weight, whatever- permissible.

Fellow teens, let's start supporting persons for who they are, not if they wear size zero skinny jeans or not. Let's start the #seetherealme revolution to look beyond what's externally visible to judge people by their hearts, not heads or hotness!

The author's comments:

In this article, I just wanted to expose and spread awareness of a cultural problem that has been happening for decades, if not centuries.

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