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The Doctor Will Free You Now

February 20, 2009
By SareyZ GOLD, Lakehills, Texas
SareyZ GOLD, Lakehills, Texas
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"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be." -Douglas Noel Adams

Together we can, united we stand, viva la revolucion. This nation needs a leader who is trustworthy and full of honesty and integrity. Together we can, united we stand, viva la revolucion. This nation needs a leader who is trustworthy and full of honesty and integrity.
Ron Paul remembers that 'our country's founders cherished liberty, and our nation was founded as a republic, not a democracy.' 'Our nation has become overtaxed, overregulated, and overrun by bureaucrats'. That is why we as voters need to choose a worthy candidate who wishes to limit government. For too long, we have put up with power-hungry one-worlders. They do little more than aspire to control every aspect of our very lives. Our freedoms insured to us in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are being systematically taken away. 'One thing is clear: the founding fathers never intended a nation where citizens pay nearly half of everything they earn to government,' quotes Dr. Paul and he has complete right to say this, . Look at your paychecks! What makes Ron Paul different? Ron Paul gives back a portion of his annual congressman office budget to the United States Treasury and he has refused the congressional pay hikes. It is great to see a citizen be so caring for their nation, but it's also sad to know that giving back to the nation even a little is a great accomplishment because very few other candidates do the same.
The great Ronald Reagan, said, ''man is not free unless government is limited... As government expands, liberty contracts.' The preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America states that for a more perfect Union, we must first establish Justice, insure tranquility, promote general welfare, secure blessings of liberty, and reinstate this Constitution in which to use as a basis of guidelines for any efficiently balanced, well-governed nation. Liberty has never come from the government. The main purpose of an elected official is to serve the people and to serve their nation with the upmost care.
Elias Boudinot stated that 'good government generally begins in the family.' Dr. Paul has remained happily married for over fifty years, and continues to remain a good husband, parent, and grandparent. His family has learned from his nature to also be good role models, and perhaps the whole world will soon be filled with honest people in which to look up.
We need a good role model for this country who understands the vital importance of individuals and their input. We need someone to set a good example, we need someone that understands founders and their definition of the inalienable rights of the creator.


The author's comments:
Intentionally, this piece was going to be read in video format as a speech for a contest, however, after many failed attempts at getting the video to upload, I could only imagine what it could've been like otherwise. My family was a strong believer in ང-ཅ Presidential candidate Ron Paul, and this essay/speech is speaking the honest truth of why we believe in him.

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