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What is Normal?

February 8, 2009
By CatherineM SILVER, Bronx, New York
CatherineM SILVER, Bronx, New York
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Normal is an ignorant persons view of how something should be according to their standards. Normal is something that you're not, something that I'm not, something we'll never be because of the standards that society sets for us. To be normal is to adhere to a standard or norm, a "bubble". Normality is an impossible and improbable dream that we strive for all our lives. We strive for it, because it will give us that ego boost that we need to reassure us we fit in. Normal is perfection. Normal is exception. It is the captain of the basketball team, it is the head cheerleader, it is the A on our report cards, and the college acceptance letters that come in the mail. Normal is our date to the prom and the cool new thing that everyone else is doing. We probably strive for it more then we should because it is impossible to attain. Normal is a silly idea that somehow we can all be the same. And this standard isn't just for people it's for objects and other things in life as well. The sky HAS to be blue, the grass HAS to be green, you MUST marry eventually and when you do they HAVE to be of the opposite sex. Then there's the old as time saying where you HAVE to look like everyone else. Nothing is ever given the opportunity to be what it wants to be because society is molding it in it's image and giving it a complex. The worlds' ideas of perfection are dangerous and bold. They effect people everyday,. around the clock, even in their sleep. However in this society, in this world right now, I don't think normal has or ever will exist. Normality is a universal struggle. Times are changing and it's about time the stereotype for normal is reinvented.

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