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Is Technology Killing Friendships?

January 13, 2016
By Naylawinder3 BRONZE, Willaiamsport, Pennsylvania
Naylawinder3 BRONZE, Willaiamsport, Pennsylvania
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Do you think technology is killing friendships? Well, there are three positions on this topic. Yes, no and both.The reason most people say that this topic is both is because cyberbullying is causing a lot of problems with technology. Then again, technology is good because you meet new friends. So therefore technology can ruin friendships but also start new ones. In order to solve this problem we need to take it seriously, and have better control over the teeneagers’ use of technology, and also realize when teenagers might not be mature enough to have technology, or be able to use it. In sure technology is not killing friendships it’s actually the people using technology.


To begin, I agree with both sides. Technology is ruining/killing friendships but in some eyes it isn’t. The first reason has a advantage and a disadvantage. Friendships do get ruined  on a lot of social media.But, on the other side you can meet and become closer to new friends you just meet. In technology there are many harmful things social media can ruin lives for many, but start lives with many.

Next, technology has ups and downs in everything. On a daily basis 94% of teenagers are on some kind of social media throughout the day, according to 2015 Pew Research Center, that’s a lot teenagers on social media in one day. Some people say you should only have technology for school things, but others may argue. There are a lot of hackers out there that can get to know where you live, and other things about you. All they have to do is get on the same website as you (example:Kik).Kik is a website that was actually created by sexual predators and a lot of teenagers are not aware of this. So it’s a win or lose situation. So when you get on social media, you will never know what will or can happen.

Last, one of the most important arguments about technology killing friendships are all the rumors, and then that may lead to depression which mostly will lead to suicide. This  is probably the worst thing about technology, because people say stuff and they don’t know if it hurts you or not but its actually does.But, there is always a conflict. The best thing about technology is you get to make new friends. Also,talk to people you haven’t seen in awhile. You get to share feelings with someone just like you. So my opinion about technology killing friendships differs about what the problem is compared to the solution.

So, what do you think about technology killing our friendships? Technology can be used in a good and bad way. Technology has different opinions on every subject.  People have different opinions on technology. technology is one of those yes and no’s.But after reading this I would say technology doesn’t kill friendships.

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