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Through their eyes

December 23, 2008
By claudiia, GOLD, Caguas, Other
claudiia, GOLD, Caguas, Other
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Yesterday I had the unique experience to walk around an unknown path blindfolded. It was a very good experience that even though it limited my senses it expanded my knowledge and it gave me more acute senses. It also made me think about so many things that hadn't gone through my mind before.

People that can't see have the ability to invent and design different things that people that can see haven't even thought about because they are limited. They are limited to imagine because they follow only what they have seen, they are more limited than blind people in a way. Most people like me have the average intelligence of any human. Most blind people are very intelligent because they can see beyond what others haven't, they can think beyond anyone. That is beautiful and precious because they can see colors most people can't see, they can experience every detail of every minute of every day with a more precise manner. They can actually feel the adrenaline running through their veins while riding a rollercaster.

That is why I say blind people have a purer soul. They cannot judge or procrastinate or generalize by physique, skin color or clothing because they can't see! They can see everyone for what they truly are and will be. They can never tell you "you look ugly". People like me see people and judge them before we even talk to them. Let's try to be more like them instead of trying to make them fit in. Because people like them see everything for what it is truly. We only see what we see.

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