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Happiness is not a gay or straight issue.

July 2, 2014
By Emma.H.96 DIAMOND, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Emma.H.96 DIAMOND, Kalamazoo, Michigan
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Somehow it's all a little clearer now without the rose colored glasses of societal acceptance. It's true; we all don't fit together like puzzle pieces or stacking blocks. We all aren't meant to get along, fall in love and make a living out of providing for a family. Maybe there are some of us who will stay up until three a.m. finding solitude on the street corners of Chicago. There will be some of us that will forever be lonely looking out the top windows of our swanky, upstate apartments. There will be some, as I imagine myself, living comfortably in the second floor nursery of my cookie cutter home in the middle of an old suburban neighborhood. Who's to say any way of life is better than the other? We can't wear our rose colored glasses in the mirror and repeat the words "I'm right," until our tongues retire from overuse. We have to explore every possibility that just because we are better or worse, younger or older, male or female, rich or poor, white or black, healed or hurting, saved or confused, that doesn't mean we're right. We, as a society, accept people for what we want them to be. We accept the poor as dirty, useless members of our society who use their welfare money for drugs and take their kids out of public school so they can end up like their parents. This is the truth for some people, for a fraction of the whole, but that isn't the case for each homeless person we see on the streets. This is the same way we accept homosexuals under the pretense and presumptions they were abused as a child or that the cold hard world changed them. Maybe it's a genetic predisposition we can cure while we send them to church and push heterosexuality on them. We put a name, a picture, a stigma, a handicap, a disease to things we don't understand so we can feel a false sense of superiority and heroism.
The truth of that matter is that we will never understand anything when society accepts it because that means we think we know everything about it. We live under intentional blindness's so we don't have to say the things we don't want to-the things we knew all along. Some things are just the way they are. We can stop searching for names and neurological causes for everything that happens or may happen. We are humans; the most advanced creatures on Earth. The leading causes of death on our world are heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. These are things our world has the ability to lessen the effects of or stop but we don’t. For whatever reason, may it be the money corporations receive for their high fat, high sodium diets, we leave them be. We can accept that people die from eating the wrong things but we can't accept things that lead to love and happiness? Honestly, who cares how we spend our lives? They're ours for a reason, so we can make our own decisions whether they are good or bad.
People make arguments that the Bible says very clearly that man is meant to lie with women and that man and man cannot be together. I was raised in a Christian home, a Christian church, and the one thing that is stressed through every scripture, every sermon the priest gives, every lesson my parents taught me, it that God loves all his children. It does not give restrictions or requirements. Besides that, what basis is religion for laws in America? We have freedom of religion in this country, something that means no religion will be forced upon us. We should be able to love who we love. People who love live longer, work harder, aren't those things we should want for others? First it was a rich or poor issue, then white and black, and now it's straight and gay. We should raise our children to be more concerned with personal happiness rather than societal acceptance. We can understand people getting obese and dying from heart attacks and organ failure but we can't understand love in its simplest form. People say looking at the gay lifestyle will make our children want to be gay but at the same time when African Americans got their rights it didn't create an uproar of white people wanting to live their lifestyle. I'm not a mother but I would much rather my kids be openly homosexual and happy then hanging themselves with coat hangers and shower rods because they can't be who they are. People don't decide to be gay any easier than they decide to be obese and to the few who do more power to them. At least they made a decision based off their personal happiness rather than society's view of how we should live our lives. We accept the obese because we can make money off their diets, their diet pill, their gym memberships but we don't accept homosexuality because we can't make a profit off it. Take off the rose colored glasses. Give people a chance to be happy. Don't we all deserve a chance to be happy?

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