In the End

By , New York, NY
“Fear cuts deeper than swords.”
George R.R. Martin

When we’re asked about our biggest fear we often think about mundane stuff like height, a specific insect and sometimes- most times- death. But today I realized something. We’re mainly afraid of two things: 1. Not getting a shot at living our dreams. 2. Losing everything we have.
This is the concept of death that frightens us - not lying cold, 15 feet below the ground.

Think for a second. We can handle any situation, anything that comes in the way of our dreams but when we know for sure that our dream’s broken, for some time, our lives pause there. Until we find a way back on the road. The biggest gift of being born a human is dreaming. Knowing that we can do or become whatever we dream of. This is what keeps us moving- knowing we can live our dream - that someday it’ll be real and not just a figment of our brilliant imagination.

Look at the things that we have, things that we value- family, friends, the little achievements, life, a place that we can call home. What would we do if all these were taken from us? The mere thought of it scares us stiff. For instance, when things start to feel a little formal or a bit awkward between our friends or family, the first thing that comes to our mind is always this, “Have I done something wrong?”. It’s true. That’s the very first thought we have. Do you ever wonder why? Is it because we know we’ve done something wrong? No. It’s because we fear we’ll lose what is dear to us.

And here’s what I have learnt in the past 17 years- we cannot live life in fear. Yes, someday we’ll lose everything but that doesn’t mean we have to be scared. We should go on appreciating all that we have while we still have them. We should chase our dreams until they start chasing us. Because the way I see it, we are all gonna be stories in the end. Our names written on stones and our stories filling up memories and lives. So it is up to us- what and how we want them to be told. We can leave behind stories worth telling or just fade away into the night.

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