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September 20, 2008
By brittrow PLATINUM, Easley, South Carolina
brittrow PLATINUM, Easley, South Carolina
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You came to me looking for a way out.
You had dug yourself so deep in the ground.
Every time you started to climb,
You’d slip and fall all the way down again.
I watched you climb and I saw the pain in your face.
Your friends would watch you struggle up this pit,
And every time you came close to your escape,
They’d kick the loose dirt in your face.
They laughed as you sunk down into the darkness.
You let out a silent cry that you think no one can hear.
But I’m listening and watching you lie down in defeat.
I wish you’d try just once more.
You’re stronger than this, I know.
I want to help you, believe me I do,
But this is a choice only you can make.
You look up from your falling place and our eyes meet.
You get back on your hands and feet
And climb!
You’re eyes focused on the target up ahead.
You slip—
But find balance in time to redeem yourself.

Your hands that are filled with dirt are inching closer and closer.
I push all your friends back away,
It’s just you and me now.
I reach down; you reach up,
Your feet touching solid ground.
You came to me looking for a way out—
And you found it.
You found your redemption.

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