Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,
When I think of the president, I think of someone with the power to change things for the better. There are plenty of issues headed in the wrong direction, in my opinion. But there’s nothing that can’t be fixed. One of these issues would be the ever-struggling economy.

This issue is particularly important to me because it affects every aspect of my life: my dad’s job, our family’s income, my home and where I live, my school, my teachers, my education, and my future. As defined in Marian Webster’s dictionary, the economy is the structure of conditions of economic life in a country, area, or system. It also says that the economic system is a system of production, distribution, and consumption. To me, it’s a chain reaction that decides the way people live.

The economy has been enduring “the deepest economic problems our nation has experiences since the Great Depression,” President Obama said. Yet for years, our economy is said to have been the world’s largest. According to CNN News article “It’s Official: Recession since Dec. ’07,” Chris Isidore, senior writer, says, “the U.S. has been in a recession since December 2007, making official what most Americans have already believed about the state of the economy.”

Our citizens have not only been losing jobs, money, and homes, but hope, joy, and a sense of the initial American dream. It’s not a particular person or group’s fault we’re in this economic recession. Many Americans agree that mortgage companies played a large role in the recession, and could be a leading cause of it, though.

The Obama-Biden campaign had a set plan in 2008 to bring the economy back up to its standard. The Office of the Presidential Election says the plan consisted of four steps:
“Immediate action to create good jobs in America, immediate relief for struggling families direct, immediate assistance for homeowners, not a bailout for irresponsible mortgage lenders a rapid, aggressive response to our financial crisis, using all the tools we have.”

I believe these steps should continue to be practiced throughout the next presidency. There’s plenty of room for improvement in our nation’s economy, and by continuing these steps, the economy may even pull itself out of the recession. It may take a lot of time and effort, but to me, it would be well worth it. Together, I believe we can overcome these economic obstacles with help from someone I believe has the power to change our nation for the better; the president.



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