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The Relevance of Truth

June 2, 2008
By Anonymous

First, I would like to say that I do not know anything. This disclaimer seems quite contrary to any writing advice that I have been given in the past. But on the topic of life, and truth, especially truth, how can anyone possible have any real credibility? I know for sure that I cannot and therefore I refuse to claim so. So, please, do not trust me completely, I know just as little as you do.

That being said, I like to pretend to think I know stuff. I like to think that I live in a place that has some level of tangibility and realness. It gives me great comfort to believe in that level of our existence. To believe that what we do here on earth is essentially, in some way, real. Yet, I know for sure that I cannot, and never will, know for sure. I cannot know for sure that I am not any more real than a figment of imagination that has been given the illusion of reality. It’s hard to grasp the consequences of this proposition, but it is impossible to place human life into any physical context and gain absolute truth.

Absolute truth is like the holy grail and the fountain of youth in that it is constantly sought and never found. Yet some individuals believe they have figured it out and have discovered true, absolute meaning in life. Actually, a large percentage of the world follows some sort of religion and, therefore, believes in a certain higher order in life. Unfortunately, the only true certainty is uncertainty. One cannot know for sure who is right and who is wrong.
However, does it really matter? Does the notion of complete uncertainty disqualify religion… and faith? Of course not. Even if we cannot qualify our existence, we still exist. We still have the right to believe, to have faith, to believe in our faith, and, most importantly, to seek truth in our everyday lives. The very fact that life has no certainty or specific truth is not a justification for atheism; it is a justification for faith. It establishes unlimited potential for an unlimited number of completely valid and viable perspectives and interpretations. In a world without any certainty, the concept of an accurate absolute truth is irrelevant.
It is a great injustice to become caught up in the trivial details of life and agonize over the legitimacy of reality. Considering we cannot explain the very fundamentals of our existence, our existence is a true miracle. A beautiful miracle. A miracle that should be deeply appreciated. So, appreciate this miracle. Find your own truth. And do not concern yourself with the legitimacy of your own form of truth. The world is too beautiful. Don’t waste the biggest opportunity of your life: your life.

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