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A Distraught Nation

September 20, 2012
By NoRulesJustWrite PLATINUM, Ada, Michigan
NoRulesJustWrite PLATINUM, Ada, Michigan
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I have always been extremely patriotic and passionate about this country. I have a history of family members and friends who have served (and who are currently serving) in the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and National Guard. I am also a proud Conservative. Obama’s recent logo flag is what caused the upset in my stomach, leading me to write this article. He has replaced the 50 stars on the American Flag with his own logo in the color blue and changed the stripes to 5 red and 4 white. He is selling this defaced American Flag for the grand total of $35.00 each. As if he hasn’t already disgraced this country enough? This is by far one of the biggest slaps in the face to all who are currently fighting and all who have ever fought for America and our freedoms. This seriously pushed me over the edge. This is America. We will not turn into "one nation under Obama, with tyranny and redistribution of wealth for all."

I hope this wakes people up to the man that Obama truly is because he has been hiding his identity from everyone all this time. The media can forever go on about how Romney is making mistakes here and there with his poor word choices, and they can edit their video clips to make him look bad in the eyes of America. But, at least he is PROUD to be an American citizen, and he does not disgrace his country by defacing its lifelong symbol of freedom. He has worked hard for his wealth and does not make excuses for himself when the time comes to be held accountable.

I know Romney is not perfect; no one is. But, that is not the issue at hand. The issue is that Obama is a socialist and one of the worst and scariest mistakes this country has ever gotten itself into. Romney is our only choice in hopes to get this country back on track and in the hands of the people. And if the people don’t wake up in the next 40 or so odd days, I’m afraid my generation’s children will never know of an America built on the foundations where people work hard for what they have, respect others, and are proud and thankful to live in a free country. Because if we have another 4 years of Obama, the only thing free we’ll have left is a face-first free-fall into a socialistic, tyrannical abomination of a country that was once so beautiful, inspiring, and liberating.

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