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It Can't be Helped

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

High schools love groups. These groups are cliques and there are so many of them. When you are a freshman coming into a school where the majority of the students have already established their cliques, the question is not whether the upperclassmen will be amiable towards you. The case most of the time is if your personality is malleable enough to fit in. Are you willing to change something—or nothing—to make some friends? Changes in high school are usually for the better.

Even through anthropology, there is evidence of these groups. In the feudal system, there are groups, which can relate directly to high school cliques. The king would be the popular girls and/or guys who attempt to control the rest of the school. The noblemen would be the popular crew who follows the popular guy and/or girl and has slight control or at least influence on the other students. Then there are the clergy, who know they are higher in the chain, but not high enough to take control. The craftsmen in the feudal system relate to the average people who don’t boss others around, but still associate with only other people in their clique. Finally, there are the surfs, or as we know then, the geeks. These nerds or “less cool” people are the ones who get picked on.

This correlation between past and present proves that groups and cliques are a part of life, almost a legacy passed down from generation to generation. I personally would rather live above all the cliques. I never really did enjoy being labeled popular, average, or nerdy by other people.

When I first got to high school, I was determined to stay away from cliques. Little did I know, I was slowly being pulled in different directions. After the first month of school there were already the people with whom I associated. As much as I said I wouldn’t conform, it had happened. Eventually I had pulled out of my clique, and had found myself changing to fit in with a different group. I became indomitable and had to find a way in. Their callous personalities continued to reject me. Finally I made a judicial decision to stay away from cliques and be friends with everyone. Since then, I have make new friends, and been very happy. I don’t have to worry about who my clique would approve of, or who they would not approve of. I now hang out with a large variety of people and I couldn’t be happier.

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