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May 3, 2012
By jozyjay BRONZE, Pawnee City, Nebraska
jozyjay BRONZE, Pawnee City, Nebraska
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Labels. Good ones bad ones. They aren't good. They tell you who society thinks you are. Eventually that's who you become. That girl that was a virgin kissed a guy and got labeled a s***. Eventually that's who she became. They labeled him fat and slow. He gained 50 pounds and went slower after that. They said she was a cutter. One month later she had so many cuts you couldn't count. Labels. They hurt. They can make you every mans dream because they think your who you aren't or they could make you the laughing stalk because you answered a question wrong. Who picks them? Society. Petty little society decides who you become. One mistake can change your life and leave you out casted in the end. Why do we let them control us? Why do we want so bad to fit in? Why Can we stand out be different reject the status Que? We have lemons but we are molding them into oranges. Labels. They can be your friend or enemy. What's your Label?

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