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Back to the Past

April 9, 2008
By Anonymous

Childhood is tom boy- afraid of the dark.
I eat one million Reese peanut butter cups late at night.
I hear my brand new dog bark as loud as the kids at the park.
I want my nightlight to be so bright.

Childhood is Pokémon- Dorney Park
I can’t stand that my brother is right.
I read as quickly as a fox; the amazing book Noah’s ark.
I hope I don’t get in trouble for getting in a fight.

Childhood is Disney world-lightning
In math class I play the game twenty-four.
I think of my worst nightmare about school, which was embarrassing.
I go to a lake and hit my brother with an oar.

Childhood is cousins- power ranger
On the weekend I’m memorized by the exciting, expensive, extolling game boy.
I steal my friends beautiful, beastly, bewitching new card and I know that I’m in great danger.
I hope I don’t receive my brothers old disgusting, displeasing, diseased toy.

I hear my monster talking to me underneath my bed.
I see Michael Jordan at his last game of his hundred year career.
I hear my game boy screaming because it’s been used so much. It wants to be dead.
My childhood was awesome, amazing, and outstanding.

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