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My Body Undergoes Physical Exhaustion

March 21, 2008
By Anonymous

My body undergoes pysical exhaustion. Droopy eyed and feeble bodied. An empty sense flows throughout my body, burried deep within my blood. There are no specific reasons for these such feelings, nor do I understand my views at times. Mixed messages create a jumble of feelings in my mind. I often wonder my purpose and worry for the furture. I am driven to succeed, yet I feel as though I have not done enough for myself to achieve my goals. I desire certain aspects in life, yet deep within, I believe that I am not capable nor worthy or obtaining my wishes. There are always dreams one may have, where they see themselves drowning, yet cannot come up for air...or rather they attempt to run away from the enemy, only to find themselves not moving far or fast. Life often feels this way- as if you see everything negative thing happening around you, yet you have no control of the situation. Am I right to be worrisome, or should I let life deal the cards for me?

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