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grades grades GRADES!

February 6, 2012
By USCG13 BRONZE, Los Alamos, New Mexico
USCG13 BRONZE, Los Alamos, New Mexico
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"their like lil' sponges"!!!!

"What did I tell you about your grades?!?!"

Sound familiar to you? It should, we all go through the fights with our parents... GRADES! To high school students at the time, it isn't such a big deal. You probably think "Yeah yeah blah blah blah mom, I DON'T have time for this". well... would you rather be told ahead of time, or wait till the last minute and struggle at the end of the semester to pass?
I know I have had my fair share of fights about grades with my parents, going to such a hard school in New Mexico doesn't help either... so I've learned how to handle it.
First step: Don't blame anyone but yourself

"The teacher never puts in the grade till the very last minute.. which in some cases screws me!" one 16 year old female says
"whatever, the teacher just hates me" another student says.
well... NO! The teachers you have don't hate you, you may not be their absolute favorite, but they are not going to fail you on purpose. As the matter of fact, they are probably giving you more time to turn in a late assignment that was due weeks ago.. you my friend, are just lazy! Just do it! once your done you will feel so accomplished!

step two: Do it ahead of time

yep... heard this one before I guarantee! But have you every considered when you are totally bored, just do your homework. you may think "that's not cool or a easy thing to do". BUT you do it ahead of time your done and have more time to do other stuff. like write for Teen Ink or play a sport. Trust me, it's not cute or funny or a "cool" thing if you drop out or flunk something when the rest of your peers move on.. it's actually quite embaressing

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