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Wait for your prince

January 10, 2011
By Cinder SILVER, Auckland, California
Cinder SILVER, Auckland, California
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''Curiosity kills the cat''

When I was little my mother used to say ''good things come to those who wait''. I believed this when I was younger, I stoped believing this when I hit the age of sixteen, the time I became legal. The time my father lost the plot and the time I ran away. I didn't believe in waiting, I believed that if you really wanted something you were to go out there and get it. Determined I was, deterimed to grow up so fast. That I forgot to look back in the past. I knew that my mother believed I could get what ever I wanted in life by just waiting. She knew that little girl was somewhere inside me, telling me to wait until I have found that one special guy. The one who has my kids and the one who sweeps me off my feet just like in a fairy tale. I couldn't think of anything more magical.

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R.I.PDustin said...
on Jan. 18 2011 at 2:49 pm
R.I.PDustin, Fort Totten, North Dakota
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life is crazy

that is so true make's me think i should of waited not lettin guys and girls in my life and im 15 i dont know anymore about love i dont have a family because they never show it im at the piont where im going be 16 im so afraid to fell in love