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.Your Life.

February 6, 2008
By Anonymous

.Your Life.

It’s like candy mountain. It’s unrealistic. It’s uninviting. Your life is completely made up in your head. You are the elite. You could not possibly be wrong. I don’t think like you, and I am therefore condemned. You let the idea of perfection fool you so well. You don’t even know what happiness is. I have been down both roads. I have given my all more than once. It wasn’t enough. I was still empty. I was still pretending. I was a dancing bear in a tutu. I was a joke all along because that was never who I am. if you no longer like me do not look at me. I don’t need your approval. Your mold was going to be the death of me. I walked away and found not death and pain, but incredible life and beauty, love that I had been searching for. In amazement I look back at the blind and numb years and if I had regrets [which I don’t] I would regret the effort I put fourth to be a dove; while all along i have always been and will always be a flamingo. I might not be as perfect or as pretty, well mannered [controllable whatever you want to call it], but I am so very happy to be pink with long funny looking legs and a weird neck. I will stand on one leg all day long if I want and I don’t care what you think. I’ll be successful and misunderstood and adored and hated and loathed and longed after, all these things and anything else that i want and I won’t need your approval. So your world, yeah it’s like candy mountain, and it doesn’t exist when you get honest with yourself. So shun me now, because I no longer believe in that black and white world. This is me and life sucks and it’s awesome and I laugh and I cry and I dance and I hide under the covers... and I will always always always enjoy life and do whatever makes me happy.

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