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hard to sleep

January 23, 2008
By Anonymous

There are times I find it hard to sleep at night,

With family problems and going through so many troubled times,

I can not seem to understand why things have to be so difficult in life,

So I sit and think how can I make some things right,

But I realize that I am like everyone else imperfect and struggle a lot,

Knowing that I am me and trying to be some one that I am not,

I can not come to a conclusion and realize the things that I want,

Walking around pretending to flaunt,

Flaunt something that is not real,

Just trying to make money to get a real meal,

Mom worked more then the hours of 9-5,

Trying to live life and staying alive,

Then that time came and suffer was no more,

When that spirit came knocking at the door,

Gave us hope knowing that we can live free,

I became I am who I am, and I am me.

I am the one, who loves to sing and dance when no one is around,

I am the one, who likes to write to the quietness of sound,

Can I be the one who thinks she is pretty more then just skin deep?

Can I be the one whom I want to be because others think I am not me?

When can I be in the right instead of being in the wrong?

Why can’t I for a change be where I belong?

When I was the one, who always kept things skin deep,

Having anger in me from head to the bottom of my feet,

I can’t even be who I want to be with out some one telling me you remind me,

I don’t mean to sound rude but I was born Couri, not meaning to sound all bitchy,

But it’s called life and I guess I have to live it,

Cause some times I just want to give up and the hell with it.

Gave us hope knowing that we can live free,

I became I am who I am, and I am me.

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