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Human Cloning

November 15, 2007
By Anonymous

It’s the year 2020, there are about 2,000 clones of Miguel, but Miguel has died, Because of many attempts of cloning him. And we’ve been successful 2,000 times. But none of them can be identified. We are all mixed up with all these Miguel’s. They’re everywhere and their destroying our world. Robbing banks, killing people and committing many crimes. It’s ruining our world!!! Human cloning is not right. It takes your identity away and who you are. Therefore human cloning shouldn’t be done. Scientist shouldn’t go that far with science. And human cloning can be dangerous.

What is human cloning? Human cloning is the exact same thing as the original. Its D.N.A. is not different it is the same just like a second figure. Kind of like a twin. But not like an actual twin in the same belly. Human cloning is research that scientist try to accomplish. The one scientist that accomplishes it will be super rich. Like scientist Mark keys, say’s “I am working hard and soon my hard work will pay off with riches.” He has been studying for years trying to find out how to clone human beings. But until then he will have to work hard.

Human cloning can be dangerous and can also be fatal to the human being. Because of incertitude’s surrounding of the process, any attempt to cloning human beings would inevitably lead to the loss of lives. There is a danger to of producing malformed human beings. Especially during the experimental stage. Scientist Jerry Slaughter and John Scretch hypothesis that lives can be in danger. They say “lives can die, that’s why we haven’t actually experimented right now we are just gathering information.’’ Many things can go wrong when experimenting. The lives of people can be on the line. Even clones, because clones can also be human beings. That’s why it can be so dangerous.

Human cloning is very dangerous!! It can mix up our world! Our social security system will get mixed up, more than it is now. Scientist, John Brill tries to do some research on what would happen. If there where many clones. They can turn bad and it all can be a big disaster. What if clones turn bad? It would be a whole big mess! Something we wont be able to fix, because killing wont be the answer, never has and never will be. Identity’s can get mixed up. Questions will be who’s the human? And who’s the clone?

But on the other hand, human cloning can help the ones that need an extra organ or something. And they can use that extra organ from human cloning. Also parents who lose their child and want their child back they can be able to clone that child that had passed away. But human cloning still shouldn’t be done. God made life he takes it and gives it, its nature. You shouldn’t be afraid of death.

Human cloning is messing with nature. Nature is not to be messed with. That’s why we should try really hard to not clone humans. It’s dangerous to our lives and our society. It’s something that shouldn’t be attempted. Nature is our mother and I feel that we should respect our mother. Just like any other mother that should be respected by their child. That’s why I feel that human cloning is not right.

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