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What Makes Us Different

November 11, 2007
By Dancing.In.Magic BRONZE, Bloomington, Illinois
Dancing.In.Magic BRONZE, Bloomington, Illinois
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The reason Earth is different from all the other planets in the universe is because of you and me. At first, we were living in caves, then came the ice age, then the meltdown, and finally, what we are today. We and Earth as a whole have changed so much. The only thing that hasn't changed is our greed and jealousy.
While we were in caves, we fought for food, thought that someone had more of something then we did. While we were living on the ice, we fought for warmth, clothing, and food that was never ours. Now, we are fighting over land, money, we steal, some kidnap children to be held for ransom. True, the world would go corrupt without money, but can't we at least try to be nicer?
If we spot a homeless person on the street and he asks you if you have any extra change, don't turn him down just because you don't have any jingling in your pocket. If you've got a sandwich you've been saving for lunch, give him that. He'll have finally have some food. A single show of love or kindness is all that matters. I'm pretty sure that, that person will remember you offering him a sandwich for the rest of his life.
Why do we fight for land that was never ours? Wars take place each and everyday, whether big or small, they happen. Earth is a single nation. All the land masses on it belong to the planet, not to us. Everyone is the same, no matter the race, gender, religion, tall, or small. We are all the same and deserve to be treated equally. We are all also unique, but that doesn't make us any less human than the next person.
We need to say the word "I" less often and stop seeing ourselves as better or worse than someone else. We need to keep a positive attitude and not brood on things already said and done. We need to stop living in the past or future, and instead, focus on the present.
If we can start by saying a compliment to a different person each day, our world will be friendlier to live in. If we at least help one person in need and let room for love to grow in our hearts, the world will be a harmonious as honey and a bee.

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shy333 said...
on Aug. 26 2008 at 2:50 pm
the article is so nicely told and i'm bit following ur ideas.i liked the article so much.keep thinking and write as world never ends you also try to spread more and more of ur thinkings like this.keep it up and all the very bet for your feautre as a writer.