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   The greatest mystery of the human body, able to store somuch, allowing us to think and remember everything we learn ... How does it dothis? You can learn something one day and remember it the rest of your life.Uncountable things can be stored in your long-term memory. Then there isshort-term memory. Suppose you make a phone call for a doctor's appointment; youneed to look at the number, say it to yourself as you dial it, and as soon asyou're done, you forget it. The brain holds a lot of memories. It's been workingyour entire life without a break. Even when you sleep, the mind keeps going,creating dreams. Things you can't remember, even from the times you were a baby,are stored in there. Things you hear but don't comprehend are in there, too.People you've only glanced at, never to see again, are stored in there. Everytaste you've experienced, it's in there. What you are reading now will forever bein your mind, even if you don't remember. Have you ever wondered how it works?The brain is the center of everything you do. You cannot move, live or feelwithout it. Everything you do, you do because it allows you to. The mind is awondrous thing. Operation of the body is impossible without it. It gives youintelligence, imagination and instinct. So, be smart with it. The Mind is aterrible thing to waste.

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