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October 25, 2022
By TylerN GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
TylerN GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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By: Tyler Neuhaus, Shannon Neuhaus, Debra Neuhaus 

It was a warm end to September in Wisconsin this year. Nothing much going on, the leaves turned from shades of green to beautiful oranges and yellows. The wind calmly blows past you’d hardly even realize it's there.

There was something different about the end of September in Florida. Wind blowing faster than race cars, water spewing downs the streets. A hurricane was headed right at Florida. 

My grandparents were trapped inside their home looking outside seeing all their neighbors assets, which they worked very hard for, all flying away. They see roofs flying off homes and, boats floating down the canal smashing into peoples yards and cars. Palm Trees flying through the air like spaceships.

They wake up the next morning, everything is calm. No more wind, no more water, just damage and heartbreak. So many roofs and so much debris everywhere that driving a car was an impossible task. At the end of this storm sat a rainbow relieving everyone that everything will be ok. 

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This is about a hurricane

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