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Work After Absence

January 25, 2022
By Ori SILVER, Wyckoff, New Jersey
Ori SILVER, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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Do you ever miss school and have a ton of work when you come back? Students should not have to do work at home while absent. They should be able to skip over work since they are absent. When you are absent from any work in school you are forced to do it or suffer the consequences in the grade book.

I have just recently experienced this while I was sick with strep throat. I came back from school with tons of work to do in a couple of my classes. I had to complete 4 new assignments in Computer Science that I wasn't able to learn in class, I had to start an assignment in chemistry that I wasn't able to learn in class. I had to complete a math test that I did not have time to study in class. I had to complete English work for a research paper. I also had to complete my United States history work. All of this cumulatively is a lot of work to finish while continuing to complete new work concurrently. I was lucky enough to find the time to do some work but the amount of work that I still have is immense. This is a concurrent problem that we (the school system) have to find a new way or a set time and place to complete all of this work. 

We can make a set time during school to catch up with work with all your teachers individually. We can also skip the current class and do work due for that set class in the classroom with the teacher. Doing work without a teacher is much harder than doing work with one. This statement is undoubtedly true because when I have issues with my work I have to email my teachers who take a couple minutes to respond and by the time they respond I give up on what I was meant to do. When you are doing work with a teacher/someone who knows what they are doing, being able to finish the work is not hard at all. They can even skip over the work with a brief summary if it is anything less than a test or quiz.

To sum up everything stated so far we need to find a way to help students who come back to school from a long absence. We must give them time to complete their work along with anything else necessary to do so. Students should not have to complete missing work while they are absent.

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Afra DIAMOND said...
on Mar. 2 at 4:46 am
Afra DIAMOND, Kandy, Other
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Ori, I too have suffered the same fate, I agree that it is really hard to do the work without the aid of a teacher...
When we go to school the next day and the teacher asks us to hand in our assignments and we say we were absent, they say, "You do all sorts of things in social media...So couldn't you find some time to ask a friend about what happened at school today and do the work???" And that's when we lose it all but become helpless...So, whatever it takes, we are forced to do the work...And according to me, it is so unfair...