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the fifth

May 28, 2009
By windswift DIAMOND, Arvada, Colorado
windswift DIAMOND, Arvada, Colorado
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here is the question that science has been asking for multiple years, were did our universe come from? did it just pop up into existance, or did some other force create it, was it that it was always there, or was it that it slowly formed out of some unknown thing? the most popular answer to the question is called the big bang theory. i personaly dont believe in the big band theory, or evolution. sure there are many theorys, but how will we know witch one is correct, if weve even found the correct theory? most poeple on a day to day basis wont think about how the universe was created, they just accept the fact that its there and were with it. some people, however, think about it on a day to day basis and search for an answer, thats how the big bang theory started. im one of those poeple who wonder alot about how our universe was created, and ive come up with all sorts of ideas. the one that i think could have acualy been what happened would be what i call the fifth. we have at least four known demintions, and i think that there are at least nine more out there waiting to be discovered. the fifth demintion, i think, is time. time cannot end, stop, be controlled, or any other form of power over time. so why should time be a demintion, because time is basicly a structure that holds us in place, without this structure we would be nothing. but there are always ways out of a structure, weather it involves breaking a part of it, witch would be only slightly harmfull to the structure. you can tear down a side of a structure and still have the rest standing, but the other walls will be weaker. now if you punch a hole in a wall it only weakens a small section. time is our structure, and if we could punch a hole in it we would find ourselfs in a new time, one that weve never seen before. so if we could find a way to punch a hole in our structure we could go to a completly new time, were nothing is the same as was in our time. but if we can fluxuate between times, can time fluxuate around us? what would be teh consequnce of this though. "for ever action there is an opposite and equal reaction".

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