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Let's practice love, not hostility

September 13, 2021
By Sarah-Anis BRONZE, Karachi, Other
Sarah-Anis BRONZE, Karachi, Other
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Favorite Quote:
He who thinks he can and he who thinks he can't are both right. (Confucius)

The formation of society is a requirement of human nature. Man is naturally afraid of loneliness and he is happy to be together with his brothers and sisters. Therefore, man and society are inseparable. Individuals can create social unity only by living in society. A prosperous society has a mental harmony in the thoughts and actions of its people. Because it strengthens the foundation of society and its people live a peaceful life.

The world's peace deteriorated by discrimination and intolerance. Common types of Human Rights violations and abuses are affecting millions of lives daily. Different forms of intolerance like xenophobia, racism, blasphemy, Islamophobia, discrimination based on gender, identity, orientation, and more, have promoted hatred and hate speeches.

This year's theme for international peace day is to defy hateful acts online and offline and escalate compassion, kindness, and hope. Online hate speeches have caused a global increment in mass shootings, violence towards minorities, lynching, and ethnic cleansing.

It's humanity that we ought to confirm, cruelty to dis-affirm. Negate the hatred before love becomes belated. Let's sit together to come together. A youngster holding the hand of an old and adores him like gold. Everyone working together for the ambition once told. Let the tenderness unfold, let the edges of rivers meet. A soul reaching out to another to greet. All people embracing differences and minorities, sharing a gleam of hope in dark forests of atrocities. Come out and unite for peace, bringing an alluring smile to everyone's face.


Peace and gratitude are besties:

Gratitude is key to peace, and both International days are celebrated on the 21st of September. Let's start with these beautiful words:
Surat No. 27 Ayat NO. 73 "And indeed, your Lord is full of bounty for the people, but most of them do not show gratitude." Gratitude isn't a day, it's a way of life.

Eradicate hatred, intolerance, and discrimination and radiate harmony, peace, and tranquility. There are many simple yet creative ways that everyone can adopt to promote gratitude and peace. Youth's power can conquer the world, so make your wondrous creativity bloom and let me know your creative ideas. Here are mine.


Doing good and accepting kindness:

If someone has done you a favor, accept the favor and acknowledge him. Give thanks to him. Forgetfulness of favor is a big flaw. Do good to others, be kind to those who do good to you, be grateful to them by word of mouth, and show it by your deeds as well. It breeds brotherhood and love.


foster love for humanity:

Man's virtues are enhanced by love. Love blooms the flowers of friendship, and goodwill and the thorns of hatred and enmity wither. Hatred takes man apart from man and causes division, while love leads man closer to man. It's love that makes man human.

Trigger Cooperation:

Man is called a social animal. Do you know what this means? Here, animal means living, man is also living, a living being who needs the help of others. That is why society comes into being. Society is based on the principle that I come to your service, and you come to mine. Good people are those who enjoy working for others and come to their aid at troublesome times. Help the needy and promote prosperity and peace.


Good things should be called good and bad things bad:

It is human nature to be pleased to hear appreciation. If you'll not honor good deeds, one will not be happy and will not be attracted to goodness. Not only a friend, if the enemy does a good deed, praise him, but if your friend has done or said something bad, do not appreciate. Evil is evil, whether it be friend or foe. Goodness deserves applause, no matter who did it.

sway people with your magical words:

a) Identify the problem: choose an issue that you or people of your region can relate to.

b) Select a medium: Aggrandize the message on social networking websites not only through your words but also through videos, posters, broachers, art, or any other format. If your small message slightly affects a person or even your own self, that means you're successful.

c) Engage and persuade your audience: Convince your followers/viewers to not only share your work in their networks but also to come up with more and new ideas and make people implement them to bring peace, to make an impact, to bring a positive change in yourself and then in the society.

Simple messages to kindle:

1- Help lost or puzzled people.
2- Inculcate good values like kindness and tolerance in kids by becoming a role model yourself. Show them how to behave with elders, help needy people with disabilities, different orientations, and more.
3- Speak out against discrimination, intolerance, and injustice. Break your silence.
4- Respect everyone, and don't be insanely judgmental.
5- Remind people constructive criticism to avoid any toxic conflict either online or offline.
6- Don't impose your opinion on everyone.
7- Be inclusive and adaptable.
                                                      Keep on the wiggle!

The author's comments:

I wrote this article for the upcoming international peace day and world gratitude day. People from all nations deserve justice, freedom, government support, security, serenity, reconciliation, equality, and a life with no war, fear, and violent conflict. All of us need to recognize our responsibility towards a peaceful society.

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