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Any Form Of Child Abuse Isn't Right

December 3, 2019
By chickfila1 GOLD, Sacramento, California
chickfila1 GOLD, Sacramento, California
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   What exactly is Child Abuse? Child abuse is the physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and neglect of a child. Most people see nothing wrong with “hitting” your child, in the eyes of other people it’s abuse. Today parents aren’t sure what they can do and cannot do to discipline their children because its seen as abuse. 

   In our society, our main issue is focused on reports of kids going missing. This is all because children are being neglected. The parents of these children aren’t giving their child the proper care. For example, if the parent of a child is under the influence of a controlled substance they aren’t themselves and not able to care for the child so the kids tend to run away or go missing.

   Kids run away to isolate themselves from both society and their parents, and to prevent any further damage that’s occurring in their lives.  It’s impossible to prevent a case of a child going missing due to child abuse which needs to be witnessed rather than a heard case that’s reported after the incident. For example, I remember scrolling through social media one day and I came across a post with a headline saying : “ 4 year old gone missing”. Maleah davis was a 4 year old girl from texas. Maeleah was under the care of her mother’s boyfriend when she was getting abused, weeks later she went missing. Suddenly her body remains were found.

  There are numerous stages to child abuse that really affects their health. Without a doubt sexual abuse affects them the most because it traumatizes them mentally and emotionally, that can result in the outcome of their personality. Once you get sexually abused you may never be the same again.

  In conclusion, we can see that any form of abuse isn't right.  Nearly 700,000 children are abused annually in the United States.  We are obviously blinded by what's going behind closed doors, we aren’t taking awareness or being cautious of this sensitive topic. When will we ever see abuse is wrong?

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