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Freedom to Me

November 14, 2018
By 0br02 SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
0br02 SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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Freedom of speech is everyone having equal power so if something isn't right we should be able to stick up for ourselves. I believe in school, if something isn't fair we should speak up. Kids should talk to the teachers if they are in the wrong and are blaming kids for their mistakes. For example if a teacher puts hands on a student they should be able to tell them that's not okay or tell them to get there hands off of them. It doesn't matter what age you are we should be treated equally and have the same rules.

Defend someone when they are being treated with different rights than others. For example, if someone is being made fun of for their race or for being gay you should step in. They don't deserve to be treated differently just because they might be a little bit different from us.

Freedom of speech is the right to stand up for yourself even if people you work with or see are considered to be superior to you. If you know they are wrong you should have the right to defend yourself. It’s the right for everyone’s voice to be heard not just the rich, famous, or “important” people

I do believe that freedom of speech is intended for people to not purposefully hurt or put down other people’s beliefs and values. I believe it is the right to speak collectively to resolve conflict and potential problems.

The First Amendment guarantees free speech, though the United States, like all modern democracies, places limits on this freedom. In a series of landmark cases, the U.S. Supreme Court over the years has helped to define what types of speech are—and aren’t—protected under U.S. law.

Overall to me, freedom of speech means having the same amount of power as everyone else and being treated the same as everyone else.

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