Not Just an Upset, an Insult

November 10, 2016
By 21kmcmahon BRONZE, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania
21kmcmahon BRONZE, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania
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On the night of November 8th, I sat with my mother and her friends crying like many other women in America. The reason we were crying was not just because the candidate we wanted to win did not, it was because Trump’s victory was a slap in the face for women. It was yet another example of an overqualified woman getting opportunities stolen by a man who has no where near the same skill level. Experts are calling it an upset, but I call it an insult. She shut him down in every debate, had obtainable plans for the future, and thirty years of political experience under her belt.  He is a bully and an embarrassment to women and this country. I can’t help but feel a little defeated and dreadful for the future. Hopefully all of Obama’s efforts and hard work won’t be thrown out with the new presidency, for it would be all of our hard work thrown away as well. At the next election, I will be able to vote, and I hope to have the privilege of voting for a female president that all of my suffragette ancestors did not. It makes my head hurt to think of all the women and men with sisters and mothers and daughters that still voted for Trump after his degrading comments against women. When a leader that is supposed to be a role model insults women, the damage goes beyond hurt and disgust. Not only does it affect the women of America, but the boys, too. With all the little boys that hear the President saying it is ok to sexually assault women, and it's not safe to send them to work etc., I can hardly comprehend the damage it's already caused. It ruins hope for the young girls wanting to be president when they grow up when they see someone like Donald J. Trump is able to win an election against Hillary Clinton. This is not just an upset, it's an insult.

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The results of the election left me and many other friends crushed.

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