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January 13, 2013
By badaboom BRONZE, Chesterfield, New Jersey
badaboom BRONZE, Chesterfield, New Jersey
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Stereotypes can hurt people’s feelings if they are used inappropriately. Stereotypes are general phrases about a group of people. The dictionary definition is a simplified and standardized conception or image invested with special meaning and held in common by members of a group. The dictionary definition of stereotype presents a common meaning or conception towards a group of people. Stereotypes really hurt people all the time.

Some stereotypes can be meant to be said in a good way. Although stereotypes can be good, most are bad. Even the good stereotypes can be turned around into bad stereotypes when they are not used appropriately. For example the stereotype “Asians are good at math”. That could be considered a good stereotype and also a bad stereotype. This is a good stereotype because it praises Asians. This is a bad stereotype because it can hurt Asians who are not good at math. When it is used with Asians who are not good at math, they feel left out of the group and this could hurt their feelings.

Generically used stereotypes could hurt a group of people even though there might not be complete truth in the stereotype. For example, all blondes are dumb. That is not true at all. Anyone can be dumb. Being blonde doesn't mean you are dumb. Having blonde hair only represents the color of hair but not the personality. Some blondes are extremely smart and have very high grades. Smartness inherent behavior of one person’s decision making and thinking in the right time, it has nothing to do with hair color. It is wrong to make a general comment like that about a group of people because it can hurt the entire group.

Another common stereotype that often hurts is that all Indians work at gas stations. That really hurts because many Indians feel bad about that. Many Indians don’t like that. Also people don’t like getting made fun of for their job. It is not good that people make fun of others because of the job they have. It is the dignity of the labor. Once again, stereotypes hurt people a lot.

Short people have short legs. That is a stereotype. That is hurtful because people don’t like being called small and they don’t like people say that they have short legs. Also this stereotype is not true. People who are short don’t always have short legs. This stereotype can hurt short people.

Stereotypes are always part of daily life. They can hurt people’s feelings and make them feel bad about themselves. Stereotypes shouldn't be used inappropriately. People should notice that they are hurting others by using these stereotypes.

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