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A Tube Top and No Future

July 15, 2008
By valerie thomason BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
valerie thomason BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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My generation of women has not raised the bar on what to expect. They have merely lowered it, tripped, and hit their head on it on the way down. We have taken everything our foremothers believed in and thrown it down the toilet with tube tops, mini skirts, and lower expectations. We are teaching men not to respect us, but to want us.
I was at work a couple weeks ago, when I saw the most disturbing thing I ever glanced upon. A girl, maybe no older than fourteen. She was wearing almost nothing. Her shirt was folded up until it just barely covered her newly formed breasts, and her skirt was short enough to see the bottom of her butt. Her belly button was pierced, and her hair and makeup suggested that of a prostitute. As I asked for her order she looked back and forth between me and the men that followed her in, giggling and shaking her hair back and forth. I almost vomitted.

I thought of my own little girl, of what she would be growing up with in a few years time. Would she be as desperate for attention? Would she descend down from the beauty that is womanhood to wear a tube top and flip her hair? The idea is sickening, but completely likely.
When I went home that night, still seething from the lack of integrity I had witnessed earlier, I turned on the television. It was a comedy central presents episode, with a woman comedian. I turned on the tv hoping to see roseanne barr, and instead got an eyeful of breasts waving energetically from a crowd of college girls. Girls gone wild, I thought bitterly. I like to imagine their fathers are sitting in front of their apartments now, blocking the door so they can never be seen in public again. That's where I would be.
I turned it off immediately, not standing another minute of sexism marring my day. But there it was again. As soon as I stuck in a movie to watch, I saw it. The movie was about a man, and the girl he was in love with was a hot bimbo without any good lines. It was just like every other movie this new generation puts out. Are we falling back into the sexist slavery we clawed our way out of? Would my daughter be the fantasy of some man? Would she be some beautiful girl with nothing intelligent to say? Would anyone love her if she wasn't?
This trend can only lead to our destruction. Women cannot be smart, they are not seen as smart. They are seen as sexy only when they're ditzy and their life revolves around men. Their idols are either obnoxious party girls flashing cameras and pretending to like other girls, or dumb and ditzy main characters who's naivety is what attracts so many men. Our grandchildren will remember our generation not from the wonderful and successful women of our time, but the images of naked young women posted eveywhere from the tv, the billboards, and even the mudflaps of trucks.

Will our daughters choose education, or will they be busy trying to be the most beautiful? Their level of confidence descends further as we continue this sick parade of robotic women, their intelligence hiding further and further under the surface.Their breasts are becoming larger, their bodies are becoming thinner, and their hair is becoming blonder. Immunity from this dangerous trend is rare.
For example, I was in a gifted class in middle school. It was a class for only people with a certain IQ, so that they would not have to skip grades to be challenged. Many of their IQs were higher than above average, and ranged well into the genius territory. I was in there with several other young girls, all of whom are not in college today. Most of whom grew to change their looks with blonde hair, makeup, and skimpy clothes. All of whom I have seen giggly stupidly and telling boys " they just don't understand math." when I knew perfectly well they could be in harvard if they wanted to.
It's only a few steps. It's only a couple of bars down before ditzy and hot becomes pretty and stupid. It's only a few bars down from that before women stop attending college. A few decades before men are the only educated people, their beautiful blonde wives trailing behind their wake, barely supporting their DDD breasts.

The author's comments:
my name is valerie. I am a young mother, who was raised by my strong and intelligent grandmother and a father with more ideas than headspace.
Because of them, I believe we must continue to fight for the rights of humanity as a whole. I believe it is never time to give up, but it is always time to stand together.

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on May. 21 2010 at 7:57 pm
SecretNonConformist SILVER, Marblehead, Massachusetts
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evil is for good men to do nothing."
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this article really made me think. i know a lot of girls who don't try in school and go after gross boys. why they do it i really have no idea.

SydVicious said...
on Aug. 22 2008 at 6:24 pm
I agree wholeheartedly. I mean, I show off my body as well but I'm and educated feminist whose proud of her womanhood, not a misguided teenage girl hopelessly trying to conform. It's so sad that these girls out there will never have the oppourtunity to understand these things because, god forbid, what is Seventeen magazine ACTUALLY published work like yours instead of ways to lose weight fast! I have extreme respect for you for taking the time out of your life as a teen mother to see the injustice that's being done to our generation. N ot many people do, unfourtunately. If the world could just stop and teach girls that being a woman in and of itself is a beautiful thing, maybe we could let go of the make up and start caring about things that actually matter.

on Aug. 19 2008 at 5:00 pm
When I read this I can only think of many girls I know. Everywhere I go, the image of being slim, sexy, and beautiful is shoved in my face. My own parents try to make me have an interest in clothing, when I couldn't care less and would rather be wandering a bookstore aisle. I will never again get highlights, no matter how much my mother want me to, and will become a surgeon. I will keep fighting, and I will fight along side you in a way. So your not alone out there I guess. And neither am I.