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Body Image

April 23, 2008
By Anonymous

"I really need a job." Rylan thought to herself one day. "Something that pays a lot so I can start to help pay for my expenses on my own."
Rylan isn't the traditional type of 'pretty' and she has her own style. She wasn't what people would call 'skinny', but she had never been bothered by it because anyone who knew her well, knew that she was a great person with an extraordinary personality.
Rylan went to an upper class department store to apply for the job as a sales clerk of the juniors department. She had set up the interview over the phone, and wanted to make a good first impression.
Rylan walked into the head mananger's office confidently. The mananger turned around and rudely asked "How can I help you?" Rylan replied, "I am here for the job interview of sales clerk for the juniors department." The mananger scanned Rylan up and down then said, "I am sorry, but the position isn't open at this time." Rylan confidence went down. "But when I called yesterday and spoke to you on the phone, you had said there were 5 sales clerk positions waiting to be filled," Rylan said to the mananger. The mananger responded, "That as yesterday and this is today, thanks for coming," then she turned back around and went back to looking at her papers.
Rylan ran out of the office and out of the store. When she was safe inside her car, she let out her tears. She knew why she wasn't hired because she wasn't pretty like those girls on the walls of the store and because she didn't weigh under 150 pounds.
The sad thing is that this actually does happen to girls. They get turned down of things because they aren't traditionally pretty or they weigh more than 170 pounds. This is how a teen girl's body image gets destroyed.

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on Dec. 20 2011 at 9:22 am
Rachel turnbull, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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This story could be inspirational to many people. It shows that beauty is necessary to fit into society, but why should anyone have to look pretty just to get a job? The article used a great deal of pathos which really made the reader connect to the writer