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Teenagers : Fight for your rights!

December 5, 2010
By SoulxFinder BRONZE, Cobourg, Other
SoulxFinder BRONZE, Cobourg, Other
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If you're a kid in a store where things are easy to shove in pockets, you might as well walk in with your hands in the air yelling "I'M INNOCENT".

Obviously, ALL teenagers steal and are criminals in the making. Why don't you just spare everyone else the trouble we will eventually cause them, and handcuff us now?

Today was the about the seventh time I've been in the Zellers makeup section with a friend and have had two employees stalk us.
I am well aware that plenty of companies lose a lot of money due to things being stolen, and you have every right to keep an eye on us. But be polite about it. To get up in my face with your arms crossed, and the most sour expression you were able to pull out of your butt is crossing the line, in my books.

The first time, we said straight out " We're not going to steal anything. "
To this, she said " Yeah, but I don't know you."

EXACTLY. YOU DON'T KNOW US. So we have to come to the conclusion that you don't know we ARE going to steal just as much as you don't know we aren't going to steal.

There is a difference between being careful and judgemental. It's funny because when I'm with my friends, this happens all the time. However, when out with my mother, it never happens. Not even once.

Parents, teachers, and the media encourage us to get out and do stuff because it will keep us focused on that instead of getting ourselves into trouble. How do you suppose we do this, when we get in trouble anyway?

I know tons of skateboarders who're constantly having their boards taken away while in a place with no specific posting that says "No Skateboarding".

Here is the link to a retaliation. BMXers vs. the cops who arrest even young children for trying to ride their bikes in the skate parks :

It's just like it says in the beginning of the clip : "When others are oppressed, no one is truly free" - Albert Einstein

As you can see, teenagers are basically left with nowhere to go without risk of getting in some kind of trouble or having confrontation. Whether we are trying to pay money for something as simple as mascara, doing what we do best, or even just walking down the street - we are suspected and wrongly accused.

It feels as though the second you become a teenager, everyone thinks you're either intoxicated, stealing, or damaging other people's property.

I intend on writing a letter to Zellers this week. I'm going to let them know that I'll be switching over to Walmart from now on.


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