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April 4, 2008
By Anonymous

What is it?
Why can no one
Except the arrogant
Tell me
What it is?
Why does no one
But the arrogant
Know what it is?
To this there is one answer
One simple answer.
And though this is a simple question
Why can no one discover the answer and tell me,
Who are the arrogant?
For none can say who the arrogant are,
But that is only because we are afraid to look in the mirror and see arrogance staring back laughing because he has won, he has taken you over made you the arrogant.
Even though we are all equal we have that one shining moment the moment when we shine and we become the best,
But the next,
You aren’t the best
The worst
Down trodden upon by those who always think that they are the best,
Better then all the rest but they are only the best because they are afraid to look in the mirror and face the truth.
The world can not live in harmony with someone having to be the best, and someone getting to be the worst. The world can not live in harmony until we face the truth and see that we are all the arrogant,
We are all the best and we are all the worst.

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