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By Anonymous

   Do racists realize how prejudiced they actually are? The one thing that stands out as racism is that anyone can be prejudiced, even though the stereotype seems to be white hostility toward blacks. Love should be color blind, but unfortunately, a majority of people, including my parents, forbid their children from having any sort of relationship with the opposite sex of another race, religion, or color.

My aunt and uncle have different backgrounds: my aunt is Portuguese and my uncle is Cape Verdean. They tell me stories about the problems they had being married in the 1970's. I can't comprehend what they tell me although rage burns inside of me. They ignored the offensive comments hollered at them, "Don't mix cream with coffee." "What's the matter with you? Stay with your own kind!" Society not accepting their marriage has actually created a stronger bond between them and they have raised two well-respected and well-educated children.

A close friend told me about a speech she heard given to African Americans. He lectured that they should stay with their own kind and not to let themselves get caught up with the white devils and corrupt themselves.

I have a question: what would the world be like if everyone looked alike? The world would be mundane and even then people would still find reason to hate each other.

As a child, I remember being blind to color along with all the other children. We played together because we wanted to, not because we weren't alike. The more time passes the more people seem to point out the color of someone's skin. Why should everyone have a label? The younger generation should be taught to be color blind to skin tone and, with hope, maybe one day people will see each other as people and not as color. Maybe one day ... ?

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