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By Anonymous

She's the perfect girl
All the guys want to be with her,
All the girls want to be like her.
To her, looks don't matter
And neither does what people say.
I love her sense of humor
And the way she laughs at jokes.
The way she walks, the way she talks
And how she's nice to all.
My mind is always on her
Though she'll never ever know
She'll never find out the way I feel -
The strong and mounting attraction
I don't know why I feel this way
But I know the feeling is true.
And then my thoughts are disturbed
As someone gently shakes me
To awaken me from myself.
And as my boyfriend leans in to kiss me,
I shamefully turn away even though I love him,
I turn from him because of her.
I want to feel the warmth of her body,
And her soft glossy lips.
I want to feel my hand in hers
And her porcelain looking skin.
The day will soon come
And I'll have to face my fears.
One day I'll have to tell the world how I feel,
The emotions that run through me.
Someday they'll all know the hidden part of me.

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