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How to Survive in a White Man's World (the series) Step 1- Always stay to yourself

December 28, 2022
By Anonymous

The last thing you want is to be stereotyped as the “loud angry black woman” for simply existing, so just stay to yourself. Throughout history, black women have been forced to be reserved and compliant. After slavery, black people, especially women, were victims of negative stereotyping and one being the angry black woman caricature. White men would use blackface, fat suits, and masculine tones to dehumanize these women. This myth has not only affected the way black women were portrayed in media but in real life and these effects can be observed in the medical field and workplace. Physicians also have been affected by these stereotypes which causes them to carry biases unconsciously because they were exposed to these narratives. Most black women have negative experiences that have been perpetuated by the “angry black woman” stereotype. I remember every time there was a situation at school and I was called into the office my perspective was often overshadowed by the poor white girl crying, and this happened a lot. After a while, I stopped defending myself because no matter what they were going to sympathize with the white girl. So take it from me ladies, why be emotional when you could be quiet?

The author's comments:

my article is kind of like a parody of those early 2000s how to lose a guy in 10 days magazine articles but it brings attention to actual issues. 

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