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Let’s Define Feminism

December 3, 2021
By Krame812 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Krame812 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Feminism, a belief that all men and women should be equal, it is a powerful fight for justice in our society. A chance to bring peace and to allow women to feel safe and empowered. A woman's choice of education without the stereotypes of weakness and delicacy. Feminism is a modern term in our world today, and its definition is best declared as the movement for impartiality among women and men. By unraveling the misunderstandings and misconceptions that surround feminism, we can better understand each other and the circumstances that surround feminism.

Feminism dates back hundreds of years ago, with the protest of women against the common gender roles that churches would preach. One of the earliest documented feminists was Amelia Bloomer, born in 1818, and starting her fight for equality in the late 1840s. Bloomer would commonly write newspapers discussing women's rights, with the avid support of her husband. Her most notable reforms and protests were against dress wear common during that period, something some women are still fighting against today. Another strong feminist who fought for equal rights is Anne Hutchinson, dating back to the late 1500s to mid-1600s. Her husband was also devoted to supporting her as she led meetings discussing unjust gender roles among society which had an audience of both men and women. Feminism has a predominant background within our society, with powerful and brave women starting the first step to its revolution in earlier times. Many women during the early times protesting for feminism would often get punished or killed, and its history holds the courage many women use today to define the term.

There have been many misconceptions on what feminism means, especially today in the modern world. Many are starting to believe feminism is the attempt to be more superior than men, but that simply isn’t true. Feminism has always stood for equality between men and women. It has always been a fight for women’s choices and freedom, including other countries besides America. It is to defy unfair and sexist gender roles. Feminism involves everyone, anyone who expresses and understands the conviction that all human beings should be treated as equals in society. Therefore, the belief that women fighting for rights are trying to uphold themselves over men as superior wouldn’t be right, since that is not what feminism is defined as. True feminists don't hate men; they simply want to be seen as equal. For example, the wage gap is a major part of demonstrating why there is feminism. Women have been protesting for decades, as they are doing the same work a man is doing for fewer wages. Feminism fights for other, more serious, unjust systems as well, which is why it is such a powerful term.

Societal views on feminism have changed over decades of protesting and major changes in laws. The “Pink Tax” has been brought upon as a source of what feminism is fighting against. The “Pink Tax '' is a special tax for items that are targeted at women. For example, gender-based pricing. A study shows women pay $1,300 more than men for identical products, and while in some cases pink can cost more to produce on certain products, prices are raised exponentially, almost unjustly, in comparison. The term “feminism” has been used derogatorily to put women down for standing up for themselves. The common internet joke, “blue-haired feminist,” has been wrongly said and used against women in the modern day. The jokes undermine what feminism means, and degrades all the strong women and protests it took to get to this point in equality today. Starting from when feminism arose, it was seen as a protest against religion and a violation of gender roles. Today, feminism is brought about by protests and rallies for women’s rights. Women fight for education in countries that prohibit other young women from school. Feminism is still needed to have equality, and until then, the term feminism will stay prominent in our society and many courageous women still fight today to protect the timeline of feminism and where we have gotten today.

Feminism holds a substantial role in history for women’s rights. There are many misinterpretations, ignorance, and lack of knowledge towards the definition of feminism, but the world is changing every day. Feminism means confidence, happiness, and equality for women. Feminism represents choice and the ability to rise against gender inequality. It’s important to understand why not properly addressing feminism as it is, or addressing it mockingly, insults the brave souls who have fought for the rights women have today. Feminism is a strong term, and should not be underestimated in our society. Its significance is why it is so important to understand and define the term, as it will be prevalent for years to come.

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My name is Kate and I hope to clear misconceptions surrounding feminism with this piece and to bring light into something so relevant in our society today.

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