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Feedback on GOT PAIN?

February 12, 2018
By Anonymous

"Man up." Imagine if that's the one response you get while you're in pain, diagnosed with a rare disease that affects less than 200,000 people at a time. In GOT PAIN?, Sage Kang talks about what his brother, Phoenix, experiences with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. He goes deeper by talking about how others react to Phoenix's pain, and mentions some of their comments that are just carelessly thrown out. I appreciate how Sage brings light to this situation by writing an article on it, for many people I know are diagnosed with rare diseases.

Some of the many careless comments people say are, "Man up," and, "Stop complaining." But that's not how people with rare diseases should get treated. Sage says, "Pain is easily overlooked. Because it is typically not visible, people often find it difficult to understand." And I agree. Not all of us are able to sense what we're each going through. But that's where the empathy part comes in. When we're struggling with something, we have to help each other get through tough times. That goes for anything, including rare medical diseases.

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