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Feedback on The Value of X

February 12, 2018
By mariyanovosad GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
mariyanovosad GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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    I love love so much that I’m in love with the idea of love. Thus, when I read “The Value of X,” by Amanda Lee, my heart and brain went on an emotional trip from beginning to end. With Roman numerals separating coherent thoughts, the piece as a whole combines to tell the story of a relationship that forms between the narrator and their classmate in math class. The two characters develop their bond and it is evident through how much they go through together. They start off as strangers to each other, with the narrator even being reluctant to speak to the classmate. However, conversations lead them to be more than that and be trustworthy friends.
     Because of how unique and essential each numeral is, the more character development the reader sees. This is perfectly balanced with the amazing visuals Lee describes. For example, the lines, “August casts the spell of crying rain, pounding rat-a-tat-tat on our schoolhouse. Still you do not return,” provide such a beautifully haunting image because of the doleful mood they result in. Phrases and sentences like these are scattered all throughout the piece, with even a common theme of x being present. These aspects are what make “The Value of X” such a powerful, yet heartwarming story to read.

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