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Response to Texting and Driving

January 15, 2018
By TaniaNavarrete BRONZE, Phoenix , Arizona
TaniaNavarrete BRONZE, Phoenix , Arizona
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The article, "Texting can Wait", is such a great article. This article that Keith wrote should be shared all around news sources and social media. In my opinion this article deserves a prize and so much recognition because his point of view reflects so much on mine. Mostly when he said "cell phones have become too much of a distraction". Not only are cell phones a "distraction", they are extremely dangerous if you don't use them properly. For an example, driving and texting should never be allowed and in this article, the author clearly states that. I like how he also shared the story on when he almost got ran over and how he almost ran someone over too. It's sad to realize the truth and what we humans have become because of our electrical devices.

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