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Fans want Football, not protest

January 11, 2018
By lizbeth1107 BRONZE, Phx, Arizona
lizbeth1107 BRONZE, Phx, Arizona
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I found Jaden Kaplan’s article very amusing because of the fact that it didn’t talk about how the players were doing it to be heard but how the sport was losing its fans and “ratings were down by 11 percent”. These players were sacrificing losing their jobs and all some people cared about was how the sport was looking and not how the players wanted to be heard about this so called “racism” issue happening with the cops. These players felt the need that they had to go on air, to make a statement that that things in this country needed to change. This got the attention of our current president and he responded by saying that if these players are getting the privilege of getting paid so much money they should not be disrespecting out country by taking a knee during our national anthem. 

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