Commuting to College

November 15, 2017
By eevee BRONZE, Phoenix , Arizona
eevee BRONZE, Phoenix , Arizona
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I would like to thank Brenna D. for writing this amazing article. I am in my last year of High School and I feel like throwing up just thinking about having to go to college. Many cannot wait to pack there things and go. I on the other hand am "not the least bit excited about going to college" like Brenna said. I am a social person just as she is and very afraid to meet new people. I do not handle change well. Though her note at the end of the article made me feel so much better, her words read " I promise everythiing will work out. The most important thing is to be happy". Thak you Brenna for making me feel so much better about my thoughts. It makes me feel more okay knowing that others have gone through this and still moved on to do amazing things. 

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