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Feedback on Venice in XVI Sketches

November 13, 2017
By mariyanovosad GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
mariyanovosad GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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 Unlike the other pieces published in the “Travel and Culture” section, “Venice in XVI Sketches” takes a creative approach to telling the story of a trip to Venice Daria Syskine, the author, took. Through a listing technique, Syskine captures memories by providing vivid descriptions. One is told about the beauty and flaws of the city, which makes the piece all the more interesting. For example, in the section labeled “VII,” garbage boats and the smell they spread are discussed, offering a negative aspect of Venice. However, in a section like “XII,” the friendly encounter the author had with a woman shows readers apositive feature of the city.
 Because of its structure and the very descriptive memories written about, “Venice XVI” immediately captured my attention as a reader. Phrases such as “the scent of cigarette smoke lingers” and “from above, Venice is shaped like a fish,” were able to give readers a way to imagine Venice from a personal level, despite maybe not ever being there. As a result, Syskine created a beautiful piece that has prompted me, along with probably many others, to visit Venice one day.


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