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Lauren's Story: Sexual Assult on College Campus

November 10, 2017
By victoria.v BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
victoria.v BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I found Amanda C.'s article "Lauren' s story: Sexual Assult on College Campus," moving because of the life changing effects an unspoken sexual assult can conclude with. Due to the lack of reports of sexual assults, it makes the victim keep it to themselves which builds up insecurities and makes the person feel hopeless. For example, in Lauren's case, "Lauren's counselor recommended that she report and open a case about the sexual assult" this might have helped her feel supported and more confident about speaking up about the incident. Sadly victims are discouraged due to the "80 percent of assults" not being reported. As of now after reading about Lauren's story, I feel that her friends should have supported her in this crisis because she did tell them she did not give the boy her consent to do the bad deed. In effect to her own friends sideing with the guy, it must have made Lauren feel alone in the world and scared of saying otherwise. I do not agree with the accusations regarding the rape myths. These myths only make the victim live with the traumatic memory without speaking about it to someone that can help. All in all, I admired your article Amanda, for stating how students should be there to listen to anyone in these situations and actually do something to help them and overall "decrease the number of sexual assaults".

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