Beautiful Women

November 9, 2017
By Karen.r SILVER, Phoenix , Arizona
Karen.r SILVER, Phoenix , Arizona
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A big round of applause for Micah W. for his article “Beautiful Women.” Micah writes a beautiful poem expressing how a woman’s beauty is really what’s inside. A woman’s strength, confidence, and dependence are the most beautiful thing she has, but men search for curves through lust. Micah’s poem is so romantic. My favorite line is “But most of all, your heart we cannot scorn. We slit our own to shield you, like an abode.” It’s wonderful to see how men look on the inside of a woman and not what she carries outside. I truly believe a woman’s beauty is measured by her strength and morals and it’s awe inspiring to see men thinking the same. Thank you, Micah for being a brave man and showing the world there is still good men like you who care to see beyond a woman’s exterior.

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