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October 18, 2017
By Thinkception SILVER, Staten Island, New York
Thinkception SILVER, Staten Island, New York
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Social media can get quite dark, and the world around us is pretty scary at times. But in her fiction piece “Twitter Feed,” Kierstyn Cummando envisions it on a whole different level. The story begins calmly with an innocent tweet from CNN wishing followers a happy Friday and recommending an article to start their morning off. Suddenly, another tweet storms the feed, claiming a miracle has occurred: the body of a “dead” person arose from its deathbed, jaw unhinged and heart still asleep. The story continues until another corpse has been “resurrected” by the virus DTZ-1. The world begins to crumble behind the cell phone screen, the virus of the undead spreading like a nasty cold across all seven continents. The apocalypse has arrived. And by god, was it written masterfully.

This piece deserves high praise. Kierstyn created a unique piece that was interesting to read, and I’m glad Teen Ink had the smarts to publish it. It was an ambitious idea, executed perfectly. I hope this story encourages others with creative ideas to write a piece like this or, better yet, create their own special way of writing. Overall, I’d give it four zombies out of five, I mean uh, 4 DTZ-1 victims out of five.

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