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a lighthouse in hurrricane harvey

October 18, 2017
By lizbeth1107 BRONZE, Phx, Arizona
lizbeth1107 BRONZE, Phx, Arizona
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“A lighthouse in hurricane Harvey” by Lauren Yang. I found Lauren Yang’s article extremely sad because of the state that he lives in; he has to suffer and have to wonder if he’s ever going to live his normal life again. I strongly agree with Yang because if my city was flooded and I wasn’t able to live my normal life or had thoughts about when I was going to be able to return to my house would frighten me. It hurt me when yang said it was “impossible…for life to return to normal”. It is true Houston might never be the city it once was and the people in it may never return to what is normal to them. It is extremely sad because so many people have become homeless and their education is being put on pause because of this tragedy. Thank you, Yang for elaborating on how people in Houston are feeling because of this tragedy. 

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