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Feedback on 2:19 A.M.

October 16, 2017
By mariyanovosad GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
mariyanovosad GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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With an interest evoked in readers right from the beginning, Ro Aliha tells a story of tension and alluring descriptions in fiction piece “2:19 A.M.” Opening with the lines “You know me,” an unidentified narrator is introduced. The speaker then continues to provide a report of their day, describing all the different types of people they have met. Right until the end, the reader has very little data on who this narrator is, only to find out that they have been reading about Death’s day and in fact, all these people who have been mentioned -including the reader - are dead. 

This unexpected twist captured my mind and as I reread the piece, the more lines stood out foreshadowing this haunting narrator. I was in shock that I had missed these obvious clues that still remained full of mystery for I did not know the complete story of how everyone passed away. My curiosity was left to only imagine as stories tried to write themselves in my brain. Yet, in a way, Aliha gave readers enough information to provide sympathy for the characters. After one has finished reading, they quickly come to the realization that all of these people, which they have read about, die and it’s chilling to know. The realization sits, and wanders, with you even after you have finished the story and I applaud Aliha for being able to bring this feeling past what she has physically written.

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